ADPIE Nursing [Process] Steps Of Nursing Process and Nursing Care plan

ADPIE Nursing is an abbreviated form of assessment, diagnosis planning, interventions and evaluation which helps in remembering its appropriate steps and orders. This is the important steps of nursing process and nursing care plan.

And ADPIE nursing is very essential to use in every nursing care plan and nursing services to provide nursing care to the patient.

This is the framework of nursing process to deliver nursing care in an efficient way. By following the ADPIE nursing process, nurses and medical teams can evaluate whether, providing nursing care and medical treatment, is helping the patient and improving health or not.

ADPIE nursing help to gather baseline data and help in giving further any special care or treatment if needed. This helps to make a nursing care plan.

Purpose of ADPIE Nursing

ADPIE Nursing help in identifying patients health status, any potential problems and needs of the patient.

It focuses on current as well as future problems and provide it’s solutions to prevent and cure this problems.

This helps in standard individualized of care and detect any duplication of efforts.

It enhances client participation and health personnel collaboration.

To evaluate the results of treatment and nursing care wether it is helping in promotion of patients health or not.

What is ADPIE used for??

This ADPIE stages help in identifying any potential health problems and gather baseline data and needs of the patient.
And help in meet the patient’s needs immediately to prevent health complications and promote health of the patient.

Components of ADPIE Nursing

So ADPIE Nursing is all about 5 steps of client centred nursing care and medical treatment which start from identifying the every minors needs and end with meeting of that needs of the patient.
That are as follows:-

Steps ADPIE nursing process

Assessment :

This is the first step of ADPIE Nursing care
In which assessment of patients is done.
The assessment is head to toe assessment and history of patients illness and all data regarding patients living style and any medical illness is taken.

In which two methods applied and 2 types of data or information is gathered that are subjective Data and objectives data.

Subjective Data :-

Means all the information regarding patients chief complaints and problems that are patient is explaining verbally are comes under the subjective Data.

Subjective data is not possible to measure directly, so it is obtained by using interviews, asking questions to patient and family members.

For example :- patients chief complaints, sign and symptoms, patients past illness, present illness, any surgical history behavioural history etc.

Objective Data:-

In this all informations and data about patients health conditions are collected by Nurse himself by using her/his nursing clinical skills and observations.

And the objective data can be measure, assess, felt, see and hear. To gather objective data or informations nurse can use following methods and techniques that are :-

Assessment phase is crucial as in which all the data is collected and validated then recorded if any abnormalities or health problems and health needs are find out.

In which all information regarding baseline of treatment is made and based on assessment accurate relevance health problems and diagnosis is formed which is second step of ADPIE Nursing process.

Diagnosis :

Based on the data collected from assessment and a relevant and patients situation and problems oriented statement or theory is hypothesized as diagnosis.

This is not a medical standard diagnosis this is a nursing statement of findings that is different from medical diagnosis.

Nurse are used their clinical critical thinking standardized language called nursing diagnosis from NANDA Diagnosis. Some of the list of Nursing Diagnosis are as :-

  1. Activity intolerance
  2. Ineffective Coping skills
  3. Cardiac Volume deficient
  4. Knowledge deficit……

In Nursing diagnosis a health problem and it’s causes and it’s evidence all are presented in a statement.
This statement has three parts means a nursing diagnosis has 3 parts.

Parts of nursing Diagnosis

First part –

The starting of sentence also called “head” section in which a focus problem is mentioned.
Means first part contains a health problem of patient.

Second part –

This is middle part called “body” of sentence or statement in which “related to” words are used after this words second parts begins and it contained causes of the the focus problems.

Third part –

This is last portion of statement also called “tail”. it explain the reason with evidence of that focused problems.

So in nursing diagnosis patients priorities for health needs and health problems which required immediate treatment or action is listed as first then another which are less fatal, problems are listed below and regular assessment is done to find out any life threatening health problems.

After identify the potential or life threatening health problems the process of prioritising is called planning.

Which is next steps of ADPIE Nursing or nursing process.

Planning :

This is the third step of the ADPIE Nursing in which a health care professional or nurse decide what care will be important for patients and how would be given.

In planning, health professionals and nurse plan to give some interventions and nursing care and set a goal or objective to work toward achieve that nursing goal.

And based on nursing diagnosis and data of assessment and patient’s needs, we first prepare a list to make an objective.

And this objective and goal may be short term objective or long term objective.
And this objective is evaluated at last to confirm that meeting needs are achieving or not,
Means set objective is achieved or not.

In which the needs of the patient and his health problem which are fetal or life threatening numbering first, and then that are not much risk. 

And provide nursing care according to the needs of the patient and objectives that are made.
In this planning we prefer Maslow Hierarchy of needs also to find out which needs are more important and urgent to give.


After planning has been done and interventions are listed these interventions are now implemented in fourth step implementation.

Implementation :

In implementation nurse give nursing care and treatment according to planning and interventions.
Implementation is a actionable steps so its not a easy task, so every nurse have to take care of patients during whole procedure or implementation.
Monitoring of vital sign and and health status of patients should be made.

In which nursing care i.e. direct care or indirect care are given in a smarter way to alleviate suffering of patient.

Direct care

Direct care means all that nursing care provided to the patients directly by touching and contact with patients and near places is called direct care.

This include performing physical care, massage therapy, exercises and assisting in patient daily care.

Indirect Care

And any type of monitoring and supervision and inspection and other care that are not contact or touched with patients means care given indirectly are comes under the indirect care.

This include monitoring the vital, record intake and output and nursing role and documentation of patients procedure etc.

In implementation step all nursing care are provided to patient to maximize optimum health of the patient.

This is the only actionable phase of nursing process, because in only implementation phase give nursing care medical care and surgical care to the patient.

Means all efforts for patient care is given implementation phase to met the objective of nursing process.

In implementation phases, a nurse should be skilled enough to take immediately decision and judgement if any complications or health problems arise during implementation or nursing care and medical care.

And at last record the implemented nursing care in nurses records and report file.

This phase deals with mainly giving treatment and nursing care as planned in previous steps. Implementation phases explains what to give, how to give how much interventions should be give.


This is the last steps of nursing process or ADPIE.
This is an analytical process of nursing process in which objective of nursing care plan is evaluated.

This last step of nursing process and health care interventions give results of patients health improvement and patients prognosis.

This step helps a medical professional or doctor and also nurse to do any changes or modifications in running treatment and care if giving treatment is not helping in improving health status of patients.

And it helps in determining the appropriate course of action, identify potential errors and ensure that the process is working well or not.

By data from evaluation a nurse can modify her nursing care plan and nursing diagnosis and she can step up her nursing care to met the needs of the patient.

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