[DEADLY] Food Combinations To Avoid : You have to Make sure

Food combinations to avoid that are act as food poison after combination of certain type foods that should avoid to combine for meal otherwise it can cause health problem by its toxicity effects.

Here I will explain imformation about  Foods should not consumed together and everything about Food to prevent from any health problems and makes you stay health everyday.

Food combining is the combination of two or more foods that are compatible with each other. Let GOGO Fruit Basket talk you through the best fruit and vegetables for a healthy mouth and teeth.

But there are some factors that combines should avoid to eat because of it’s incompatiblity.

Also Read:- Typhoid Fever Causes treatment It used to be additionally the meals that must no longer be consumed collectively.   The effect is not at all times instantly dangerous, however will cause an unstable metabolism, allergies, or plenty of other issues, including even elevate your weight.   Here’s the meals you should no longer eat together.

01 Bread and fruit jam Combinations to avoid

Well, even supposing or not it’s stated that peanut butter bread is her soul mate, however it in reality should now not be eaten collectively huh?

02 Muffin with orange juice this food combinations should be Avoided:

Muffin with orange juice should be avoided

Food combinations to avoid that are one wealthy in fiber, which is another wealthy in carbohydrates. What do you think? Muffin with orange juice should not consumed together.

03 Cereal with milk combinations to be Avoid

Food combinations to avoid

  Imagine it or no longer, this duo it must no longer be consumed collectively. mixture of the 2 will lead to you even constipation.

04 Pizza with Pepperoni:

Food combinations to avoid

This pepperoni topping regularly be an awfully neatly-known and by no means left. but, subsequent time you should just message different toppings.

Mixed with pepperoni pizza will elevate the saturated fat and sodium can lead to coronary heart disease. never tried vegetarian pizza?

It’s also recommended you already know, so avoidance of these food combinations is necessary.

05 Burger with potato:

Food combination to avoid

It feels incomplete in case you order a burger with out potatoes, however these habits must be deserted. 

The combination of both will raise the carbohydrate and fats content in the physique and consequently fail your food plan.

06 Carbohydrate Food and Acid Food combine to avoid:

Food combinations to avoid
Food combinations to avoid

Bread rice and potatoes should  not be eaten with lemons pineapple Tomatoes. Or any other sour fruits.   Acid prevent digestion of Carbohydrate lead to fermentation.

07 Two Concentrated Protein Togethers

Food combinations to Avoided meat and egg
Food combinations to avoid

Eg– cheese egg .Cheese nuts and meat combination. Each protein need different digestive juices and different time too. Acid fruit and protein should be eaten at the same time .Eg orange , lemon and pineapple should not be with meat eggs etc.

08 Concentrated Protein and Carbohydrate at same time: 

Eggs and high carbohydrates
Food with potatoes

Nuts meat eggs cheese with potatoes. As well as bread and cereal shod not be avoided Starch and sugar should not be combined honey and other sweeteners don’t mix with cereals and potatoes.   Cereal and sugar cause fermentation, so these food combinations to avoid in necessary.

09 Melon Cannot be Combined with any other Foods:

Watermelon and food

This is because melons decompose very easily.

10 Avoid Desserts, Especially after Meals:


Desserts eaten after meal digest and ultimately, ferment because bacteria turn them into alcohol and acetic acid food combinations should be avoid.

11 Drink Water only Before Meals:

Drinking water during meals or soon after meals will dilute the digestive juices. Fat and oils cannot be combined with protein.  

Glass of water

  If you want to stay healthy and reduce risk of various health problems like cancer inflammation and digestion problem, beware of how food combination impact for optimal health and Nutrition..

Conclusion For What Food combinations should be Avoided

So these food combinations should be avoided. Because we know that if we combine food to serve for better healthy and testy results.

But there is a chance to be poison instead of testy if correct combination of food is not preferred.

So guys here all the food i have dealt which can cause harm to health.

And lead to deleterious effect on health so there should be avoid to combine these incompatible foods.

So if you Have any query about this article please comment.

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