What is Generic and Trade Medicine :- [all you need to know]

Generic and trade medicine hey are you often think about this two terms generic and trade medicine so dear now you don’t need to wonder about it.
If you want to know in depth about generic and ethical medicine then you are at right place.
I will tell you in depth what is generic and trade medicine, and what is the difference between them and why they differs from each other.
Actually when I was scrolling on Quora, I found some questions answers about generic medicines and trade medicine.
But my opinion the answers, I don’t think that was totally true or reliable about it. So I decided to write a detailed post about it.
Yes i consider that this is a tough questions and it is difficult to know. That which one is generic and which is trade or ethical medicine. Because we can’t recognise only by seeing a name or a particular drugs.
I think you are thinking that it’s very simple to differentiate generic and ethical medicine.

A Mistake to find out generic or trade medicine

May be are you thinking that if a drugs comes with the name of same salt that is generic medicines. And those drugs comes without a same salt or chemical name, means come with brand name this is trade medicine.
Yes it is true but not only this is a fact. There is no doubt that in market there are lots of generic medicines comes with brand name. But still they are also a generic medicines. Why? I will explain you.
So if you differentiate both medicine by their name only is not a good technique.
Before we know that what is generic medicines?
We have to know first what is trade or ethical medicine? So here I will give you a short and detail review about trade medicine and generic medicines.

What is trade medicine?

Actually at first step a pharmaceutical company went for a research about new medicine.  And they invest a time and money in researching for any particular medicine or salt.
After research they go for a lab test, animal test and human test means finally they discovered a new medicine or drug.
Then they proceed to asking for government (FDA) for approval to make that drugs or medicine.
So after government approval they take licence, and patent for manufactures that drugs for particular time duration it might be for 5 years 10 years so on as a validation time.
In that licence and patent there is a validity date, or authority date in their licence. Means only that company can make that drugs within duration of validity date.
Suppose a company get approved by government with the licence and pattern with the validity of 10 years. Then only this company can make that particular drugs or medicine till 10 years, which has approved by government.
There is no right or authority for other companies to make this drugs or medicine because they don’t have licence or patent.
So these medicines are comes with the names of brand or trade or ethical medicine, that name is giving by that company for sell.
And companies can freely decide how much cost or on price they want to sell that medicine that’s why these medicines are costly.
As for example- salt or chemical is paracetamol then brand name is Like Dolo500mg, Paracip500mg etc. Because there are lots of trade names available in market, means these medicines are trade medicine.

Why trade medicines are costly.

Trade medicine are very expensive as compared to generic medicines. why? because trade medicine companies are invest their money in researching, marketing and manufacturing their products/Medicines. So because of this reason they are very costly.

What is generic medicines?

So Generic medicine is the medicine comes with the same name of salt or chemical.
For example, if a paracetamol is a salt then generic medicines comes with the name of same salt-name like Paracetamol500mg.
Actually some generic medicines are also comes with brand name. Then it is not that they are Trade medicine, but they are also a generic medicines_ how?
Let me explain you, as above already explained that a company got right to manufacture any drugs till particular time period as for example 10 years as a patent.
So after completion of 10 years means expired of validity of licence, patent or expiration. Other companies or manufacturers can apply (not mandatory to application) to the FDA for permission to make and sell generic versions of the drug.
Without investing any cost or money to development of generic drugs. Because they are already researched and tested approval patterns, that’s why they don’t need to invest any money in manufacturing or researching it.
Then others companies also can manufacture that drugs or medicine with thier brand or trade name. But the resource licence is generic version of medicines.
Means these Medicines are made by generic medicines licensure.
So these Medicines are generic medicines, and they are available in market in cheap price as compared to trade medicine.
And some time some companies manufactured drugs but they don’t do marketing for their medicine. But they use another famous companies for Marketing. so you can found, on there label
Like:– manufactured by Candia Company
And Marketed by Cipla Company.

Generic Medicines v/s Trade Medicines

Generic and Trade medicine

How to check any medicine whether is trade or generic?

So these questions is very difficult which i had already said. There is no any method to know to differentiate trade medicine with brand names and generic medicines with brand names.
So here you can use the service offer by govt of India Pradhanmantri Bhartiya Jan Aushadhi Yojna. Here you can find all generic medicines as cheapest price.
Now second method is used you can use a android app G-Dawa. You can use online the “Orange Book.” For check therapeutic equivalent evaluation.
So it means you can also say a generic medicines is the Paracetamol
And Trade medicine is the Dolo500 or paracip.  Both are same Paracetamol medicine but because of different name they are different. But it is not necessity that generic medicines don’t have brand names.

Why these have a different name while they are same chemical structure?

Actually a paracetamol is the main medicine. So if a company made this drugs, and then they will do marketing with giving a particular name(trade name). Because that particular name will be marketed and sells.

Why a doctor write a trade medicine instead of generic medicines?

Because the company offers lots of benefits to the doctors, like giving tickets to make holidays and others gifts and rewards from companies. Why ?because doctor have to write their medicine in prescription.
But there are lots of reasons why a doctor write a only trade medicine. Actually some doctors found good effective quality of a Medicine from any particular company.
So they trust that companies regarding quality drugs.
So they prefer that companies drug in treating patients diseases.

Are Generic Medicines less effective?

No! In generic medicines there is same active ingredient same, drugs chemical and composition found, same as trade Medicines. That’s why they are not less effective, they are effective as trade medicine.
The FDA Generic Drugs program conduct inspection every years.
To assess these standards in generic medicines, and in manufacturing plant for monitor any deficiency of quality in generic medicines.

Where can I find more information about generic medicines?

In India there are lots of health programs running under government health programs. like Jan Aushadhi Yojana and you can also found more information in government hospital at pharmacy department.
Or you can ask to your doctor or other health care provider about generic medicines. Or you can also visit :
Call 1-888-INFO-FDA

Generic Medicines in India?

In India there are lots of government approved local centres in India. They are running under the government programs. And they provide generic medicines cheaper as compared to trade names.
Even through government programs lots of generic medicines are provided free to peoples. Like any government hospital, treatment given to people for free under government programs.
These medicines are good example of generic medicines.
Now govt janaushadhi yojna also running to provide generic medicines in India.

What is the trade name of a drugs?

The name of a drug is the actual or exact name. We can also say a generic name or chemical name, but a trade name is the another name giving by company who has made that drugs.
For Example:-
Chemical name:- Acetaminophen (paracetamol)
Trade name :- Tynelol, Dolo
Chemical:- Metformin
Trade name: Glucophase
Chemical name:- Cefatriaxone
Trade names :- Monosef, rocephin



So dear it was all about Generic and Trade Medicines a short review. Generic medicines are the recommended medicine according to my opinion because they are cheaper and you can prefer after doctor prescription.
There is no any less effects or more effects as compared to trade or ethical medicine both are same and equal. Here I tried to explain in easy way. Now if you have any queries and any others think please comment me in comment box below.

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