How To Get Rid Of Hickey Faster [Only 8 Simple Steps]

get rid of hickey
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Hickey is a lesion or wound, but real problem is that we never want to show anyone a hickey. And we think how to get rid of hickey faster without a sharing to anyone.

So here I am discussing about 6 simple steps that you can follow in your home and get rid of hickey.

Before going to know the methods I want to explain that your hickey could be a memory and sweet moments but getting hickies are not always sweet memories it could be a bad experience for your health perspective.

Dont worry! Hickey cannot kill a person, it’s a minor injury to your superficial skin.

But one incident was found that one person has died due to hickeys. In fact, Hickey’s blood clots reduce blood flow to the brain, resulting in brain dead and no longer.

What is Hickey or Hickies ?

Basically, a scratch on the hickey skin is a sign of a bite or kiss. hickeys are formed due to small veins rupturing under the skin.

It is also called bug bite, the mark of love bites and kisses.

It is a deliberate emotional bite or wound, for this reason it is mostly found on the face, neck, hands and upper body. So sometimes hickeys can cause very painful conditions.

And people often think how to treat and get rid of these bad hickeys. And there are some people who enjoyed it by getting or receiving it and they did not feel pain and some people found it very bad and painful.

How Dangerous is it to your Health

Treatment does not require hospitalization for the only reason of hickeys.

Because it usually recovers within a few days. And everyone knows that it can be embarrassing for some people to share someone or even doctors.

No one wants to share or show hickies to a person if hickey is not in pain or worse.

They want to create a memory with Hickey as Love Bite. But medical attention is required if Hickey is getting a lot of time to heal or if the hickies is worsening and has become a serious wound.

So don’t worry that it can be healed easily even if you do nothing to treat it, it will be cured naturally.

But if Hickey is painful and is getting worse from here then there are some home remedies that you can apply before going to the hospital and other medical treatment settings.

8 Easy Methods For Treatment of Hickey To Get Rid Faster

There are eight easy steps to get rid of hickey faster, that are:

Hickey usually goes away after a few days or a week. But if the hickies are getting worse or if you want to get rid of Hickey fast. Then these 8 simple methods will help you to boost healing and fade out the lesion of hickies.

Here are 8 Steps to implement these methods to get rid of hickies.

Steps To Apply These (Eight) Simple Methods To Get Rid Of Hickey Faster

Step 1 : Cold Application

Mostly cold application is more effective if it is used early as possible within 12 hours of hickies arrival.

Start a cold compress at the site of the hickey to provide vasoconstriction effect on the bleeding area that stimulates the small blood vessels to stop any bleeding.

Wrap ice in a towel or thin cloth and place it over the hickey. Make sure there is no direct contact with ice, and keep your skin, a cloth or something else such as a sponge towel is best for use.

Direct contact with ice and your skin also burns with ice (cold burn), so take care.

How to do a cold compression Here you can use cool things like an ice pack or spoon, you can use for compression on your bruised area.

The spoon can be placed on your freezer with a spoon for 5-20 minutes, then apply to your hickey. Do not cool your spoon too much otherwise it may burn cold.


Cold compression can be followed as soon as possible, just after getting Hickey.

Step 2 : Petroleum Jelly

Now start a lotion or any antiseptic cream or even petroleum jelly can be used to prevent infection on the wound. Arnica gel is also given. This is a medically approved ointment.

Step 3 : Hot Application

Warm application method is more effective for abnormal hickies that exceed one day.

Usually Warm application may be followed by cold compression after a few hours to promote healing.

Because hot compression or application promotes vasodilation at the wound site and increases circulation at the wound site and scars the wound.

But ensure that both hot and cold applications are not applied at once or simultaneously. This can damage or injure your wound and cause bleeding.

Because cold application is provided for bleeding control and compresses the minute or small vein that is oozing (if any) on your hickey.

But hot application helps in vasodilation which means the possibility of bleeding.

Hot application is given after one day or within 48 hours of hickies.

This hot application stimulates healing and dilution of your vessels, and promotes circulation, thereby increasing blood flow to the hickey site.

Therefore debris at the wound site may be cleared of blood flow after hot application.

Deep scars disappear by massaging with ointment or even after hot application.

How to prepare hot application?

Just take boiled water in a bowl, and put your towel in it. And make sure that the water temperature should neither be too hot nor too cold.

Otherwise, you can burn your skin as well as your hands. So just check the temperature by touching the hot water in the bowl. And the towel can be used for hot application on Hickey.

Step 4 : Rubbing The Area

Take a firm bristles like things like toothbrush or any alternative such as Comb or vibrating toothbrush also help in rubbing on Hickey site to clear up marks.


The rub should be started outward from the center of the hickies.

Make sure that it is not hard or penetrating to your wound, otherwise it may become inflamed and bleed.

Rubbing with a toothbrush helps promote healing and help with fading scars.

You can use the coin to rub, the direction of the central hickies sites outward.

Step 5 : Use Alcohol or spirit

Use alcohol immediately on hickies. It can be use quickly and even before cold compression. For cooling and brightness effects.

Banana peels can also be used on hickies for these cooling purposes. Peel a cold banana and apply it on your hickey.

Step 6 : Massage

Providing massage most important it is more reliable for blood flow to the site. Keep it tight on your hickey and rub it for at least 15-20 minutes.

And gently massage can be done daily or as needed. To increase blood flow to the site of Hickey. You can use your fingers to massage outward from the direction of the central.

It promotes the healing process of hickies and helps speed up healing, or wounding.

Aloe Vera plant

You can use Aloe Vera, cut a part and apply directly to hickies, helps to get rid of fast.

Step 7 : Using Oils

Peppermints oils and olive oil or mint toothpaste can also be used on Hickey. But peppermint-based oil or toothpaste will start a shivering or tingling sensation.

Peppermint oils for hickey

Aftershifting or tingling apply a warm towel and wipe the area.

I recommend using olive oil on Hickey which is a completely natural effect for wounds that will help get rid of Hickey faster.
See the Figaro olive oil uses and benefits. Or you can use sesame oil benefits for health.

Step 8 : Medicines are Using such as

In medicine you can use aloe vera cream. This would be great for hickies or any type of superficial wound or open wound.

Vitamin E can be taken or used on wounds that are found combined with aloe vera cream, so there is no need to take vitamin E separately. These help heal the vessels that burst under your skin.

You can take vitamin C supplements two times a day or take orange juice.

Medical Treatment To Get Rid Of Hickey

Hickies usually do not require therapy.  It usually heals and closes completely within a week.

But if this does not go away or the condition worsens or a wound becomes the only option for hospitalization and get treatment for your hickies there.

So following are the basic medical treatment of hickies.

1 Give antiseptics or antibiotics ointment to your wound. Such as clotrimazole, metronidazole and soframycin etc.

2 Give antis inflammatory ointments like betamethasone dexamethasone etc.

3 Providing a wound wet sterile dressing at the site of Hickey.

4 Magnesium sulfate ointment dressing for the wound area.

5 Provide the Braden scale for the levels of your body fluids that affect your skin which can be maintained by skin integrity.

6 pain relieving drugs like acetaminophen or ibuprofen or diclofenac sodium.

7 Aspirin can be given also in tablet form or topical ointments for pain.

8 Zinc supplements and vitamin C are given also.

What’s About Hickies In India ? And how they get rid of hickies fast ?

Hickies is not very famous like other places in India. Because Indian people are shy, and they show nothing and never share anything like a hickey.

If anything goes wrong, they give priority to the doctor directly and go to the hospital for treatment.

Either it is hickies or intimacy problems, they feel ashamed to show or share mostly.

people first prefer home remedies for Hickey in India. And if Hickey is cured they don’t like anything. But if not healed, they prefer to seek medical attention to get rid of Hickey.

FAQ About Hickey

How are hickeys bad for you? And how hickies get rid faster?

No Hickies are not bad for your health it doesn’t cause any serious illness like cancer. It is just a minor injury due to bursting blood vessels under the skin due to sucking or kissing or biting the skin with force that much that can burst or break the tiny vein beneath skin.
Hickey can be treated to heal faster by applying these two mentioned methods. That will help you to get rid of hickey fast.

What do hickeys mean to guys?

A Hickey is mean a lot for everyone. Because it is very emotional marks or bonding proof for your love partner.
Now a days it is addressed as love bite that can be a part of your love life saved as a sweet memories or moments.

How long does it take for a hickey to go away?

If you left your hickies as normal it will be healed naturally within 2 days to 2 weeks. But it can be boost to heal faster within a week or less than a week by applying some home remedies that are I discussed above.

Can hickeys kill you?

No! Hickey is bruised mark of skin it is just a mark nothing more than a minor skin injury.
But it can be fatal if the biting teeth punctured the blood vessels (vein or artery) that can lead to severe bleeding or lead to brain stroke that can kill you. So it is a rare case.

Are hickeys on breast bad?

Hickey on breast is not bad if your partner agree with that if she enjoyed that moment. But ensure that you arer giving a Hickey that is minor skin mark not wound. So Hickey on breast is not bad because it is also clear up after some days.

Do hickeys feel good?

During hickey both partner feels enjoy but person giving Hickey is feels more emotionally enjoyable than person getting.
Hickey feels good on your body because it makes you remember the time experienced with your love partners and the sweet memories.

What does Hickey mean sexually?

The Hickies means sexually is the emotional attachment with your love partner. It is a sexually aroused impulses that is expressed as love bite or hickies.
Hickey form when one or both partners having same sexual attachment feelings with each other.

Do guys give hickeys on purpose?

For some peoples it is given to make memories with a love mark.
And for some peoples it just make a mark to show up that he/she just did it.

Do hickeys turn you on?

Hickey is love mark when you got a Hickey the Hickies turn you on for express your love with your partner. Hickey turn you on to do love more than before.

Are hickeys painful?

Usually Hickeys are not painful it just minor pain sensation if you toch or rub that area. But some time it can be very painful if any burst vessels got blood clots and inflamed or infected.

My View on how to get rid of hickies faster

So guys let me tell you actually hickies are minor problem or a minor injury of skin due to bursting tiny blood vessels under the skin.

So it’s healed within a week naturally. There is no any other options to correct these problems faster like in minutes or hours.

Healing is a natural mechanism of our body and these mechanisms work by itself and how it’s long to heal is depends on the type and severity of injury.

So in this article I have discussed 2 methods to get rid of hickies faster. These methods are only help to boost the healing process or healing mechanism of our body.

It doesn’t means that after doing this your Hickey will get rid in a minute or hour. This method only help to prevent the further complications and fast the healing process of hickies.

If you have any questions, suggestions or any problem, do let me know through comments box.      Thanks……!

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