Kaunch Beej The Ultimate Herbs For Your Libido and Energy

Kaunch Beej
The benefits of Kaunch seeds or Beej  were already recognized in ancient times.  Kaunch seeds is seed of Kapikacchu herb an Ayurvedic medicine. 

The scientific name of this medicine is Mucuna Pruriens.  It is very famous Ayurveda herb.  Kaunch seeds helps us a lot of things and it has many benefits which I will tell you today.

Properties of Kaunch Beej

Kaunch beejs are easily found in our country.  The seeds of the Kaunch hides over them by using trees and bushes.  This vine is multi-branching and has a lifespan of 1 year.  Its leaves are 6–9 inches in length and have three leaves.  Its flowers are one to one and a half inches long, purple and indigo.

It consists of 2-4 inch long pods and about half an inch wide, these pods are placed inside the bunch and 5-6 seeds of smooth, flat, luminous blood are produced inside each pod.  The peel of these seeds is strong and quite stiff.  As soon as you remove its skin, a white fall falls inside it, it is used in medicine only.

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Benefits of Kaunch seeds

To Increase Testosterone –

Testosterone plays an important role in vaginal performance of both men and women.  The production of testosterone is less in women than men.  Kaunch beej or seed acts as aphrodisiac for women and men.  A hormone called prolactin is found inside it.  In women, testosterone is very low, but due to estrogen, its quantity also increases in the body.  By the way, prolactin is known to resist testosterone in the body.  By the way, this prolactin is also a side effect of stimulating function, it works in men also in impotence and libido in women.

To increase sex time

We use Kaunch Beej for fatigue, lack of sexual desire and to increase it.  Seed seeds are very powerful for sexual pain.  Kaunch seed helps to return testosterone like health Sutra maxx and physiological hormones in general and to increase sex time.

Powder of crushed seeds for good sleep

Dopamine plays a very important process for brain function and is also related to sleep apnea.  One study finds that sleep is not complete due to dopamine deficiency in the brain.  It is also believed that along with dopamine deficiency, stress and discomfort also cause a lot of damage to your sleep.

If you use the powder of Kaunch Beej, it also helps in sleep.  Growing of dopamine in our body can leave side effects in our body, so it should be used only in small amounts and it is very beneficial if used before sleeping.

Benefits of Kaunch seed are also beneficial for back pain

1 teaspoon of ghee and half a teaspoon of sugar is mixed with cow’s milk in 5 grams of mukuna powder, which can be used to overcome the problem of old age and weakness.

Other Health Benefit of Kaunch Beej

Kaunch beej help in working desire and sex drive in women and men.
Kaunch Beej or seed powder is also very useful in increasing sperm.
Apart from this, it is also very beneficial for joint and abdominal pain.
Kaunch seeds also work for depression and stress.
It also contains anti depression like jaggery.
Kaunch beej also improves the digestive system of the body.

Adverse Effects of Kaunch beej

Kaunch beej are generally considered very beneficial and work is also very beneficial for providing dopamine levels and other health benefits but it also has some disadvantages that you should know about.

People who have problems with dementia, liver, kidney disease and mental illness need to take special care in using the seed of the seed.

If an abnormal process starts happening after eating the seed of the seed in your body, then you come to know that even after the seed of the seed you start seeing some unusual process.

You should not eat sour, spicy and dry foods after the use of skin.  It also works the level of blood sugar.

Consumption of the crunch too often can also result in involuntary movements of the muscles of the people, due to which movement of your hands and feet can cause disturbances.

Keep Kaunch seed away from children.  Breastfeeding women and pregnant women should not take any medicines made from the skin and consult their doctor immediately if necessary.

If you can reduce the level of diabetes and people who are taking diabetes medicine, take this medicine as far as possible under the supervision of your doctor or a specialist.

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