[BEST] Way to Take Sunbathe [Stunning Health Benefits]

Way to take sunbath today I’ll talk about how you can harness power from the Sun to be a fittest healthiest self. The amazing health benefits of sunbathing.

We will learn how to take sunlight in the right way at the right time in the right quantity so it can be a working hospital for your body and permanently cure diseases.

We will also learn an ancient but very trending practice called Sungazing.

We will discuss exactly how to do it, and how it will improve your concentration and increase your intuition your sixth sense.

Sunlight is for ourselves and without it our organs cannot function properly yet most of our bodies are starving for sunlight we’re becoming an indoor generation.

A generation that spends 90% of its life indoors, we have filled our homes with fancy things and nature is being replaced with gadgets, and sunlight with artificial light.

Sunlight has been the biological need for us humans and because we’re not getting it, many things are starting to go wrong.

So there are some ways to take sunbath that can be followed in our daily life.

Most of us are starting to feel sad as a society we constantly under stress or anxiety depression has become a common state of mind

And we’re popping pills to feel happy but how can we be happy if we shut ourselves and darkness, so because of it we have to follow different ways to take sunbath.

Some people are having problems sleeping. and others have problems of breathing.

The lack of sunlight is also affecting children’s ability to learn, to remember.
On a physical level it’s softening our bones and problems like osteoporosis, cervical arthritis, Constantin back pains which once only used to affect our grandparents are becoming common even amongst us..

Sunlight is the original medicine that humans have been using for thousands of years.

As well as the Sun in Germany during World War 1 sunlight was used to treat war wounds when soldiers fighting in a war got gunshot wounds.

Instead of lapping wounds with bandage the military doctors exposed to the Sun for several hours a day.

How Sunbath Works:

Sunlight was actually uses antiseptic to clean up the wound in room they practiced something called solar architecture.

A true architect was looked at someone who also had the knowledge of health and design buildings with most sunlight.

In Greece they used Hellio therapy meaning using sunlight as medicine, all across Europe there were Helio therapy clinics where patients particularly children were put in sun beds for much of the day and saw dramatic results ensuring all diseases including rickets, burns, anemia.

In Italy they made sunlight hospital rooms patients who were put in sunlight hospital rooms healed much faster than patients in rooms which received no sunlight.

All across the world sunlight was used as a medicine something so common sense has become uncommon to us today,

So come let’s be the generation who brings back these forgotten truths let’s learn how you can make your body a piece of marvel by every day Sun charging.

In this article i will discuss two powerful ways to Sun charge your body number one is Sunbathing which basically means that you go outside for about thirty minutes every day and expose your body to the Sun.

Way to take sunbath that we do with water every day is just one type of bathing it only cleans your external body.

sunbathingis essential for cleaning your internal body.

When wheat or rice in our kitchen catches wounds or starts to smell bad we put it under the Sun and it gets purified why because sunlight is a natural disinfectant.

It detoxifies your body by removing the bad bacteria, more it’s funguses that you might not even know exist inside,

Secondly sunlight is a powerful detoxifier when sunlight falls on our skin our skin feels a little warm.

That is when sunlight is penetrating deep into your skin and reaching the blood passing through your arteries and so your blood gets circulated.

Blood that was previously hard and clogged up is put into (act as vasodilator) motion the toxins and impurities in your blood are also circulated and then finally excreted through sweat or urine after sunbathing.

Most people’s urine turns yellow that’s a sign of more (due to urochrome pigments)  toxins being released from the body and more disease in the world can survive in a body that is clean internally,

sunbathing is also essential to maintain your skin health in your skin there are thousands of little pores per square inch when these pores become close because of dirt or any other matter.

The waste can no longer exit the skin and it gives rise to many diseases by giving them the light warmth of the Sun.

These pores are opened up and waste accumulated in these pores exits out through the skin combined

Every day sunbathing with 16 are fasting enema wetback and proper diet and all skin problems will vanish within a few months.

With acne psoriasis, eczema anything see a water is contaminated our air is contaminated our food is contaminated but sunlight is the only source of energy that is 100% uncontaminated and always will be.

How to Take Sunbath?

So what is the proper way to sunbathe simply go out and lie down in the Sun. And expose your whole body to the sunlight.

Where to Sunbath?

Any place where sunlight can directly reach your balcony veranda roof Park Beach, best time to sunbathe
is morning or evening,

Remember you need the light of the Sun not the heat of the Sun morning or evening is the best time because at this time this is not very strong.

How long to Sunbath ?

Approximately 30 minutes first expose your full front body for 15 minutes and then your whole back body for another 15 minutes as soon as you start sweating stop sunbathing and come back inside.

How often we should take Sunbath?

You must Sun bathe every day make it a lifestyle and continue it throughout life,

What to Wear during Sunbath?

It’s the best to sunbathe with absolutely no clothes on but if you can’t find a private spot where as literally floats as possible preferably white cotton clothes cotton readily absorbs the light of the Sun.

No point sunbathing wearing thick layers of clothes synthetics or polyester,

Also don’t sunbathe through a glass window it’s not effective go out and sunbathe in the open so you get the full spectrum of the Sun.

Best Time to get Vitamin D from Sun in india

The best time in India or another place or country is the early morning time only. You can get Vit. D very easily but don’t take during the afternoon time. Because this time sunlight is very strong.

While sunbathing remember to express gratitude say thank you to the Sun for sending out its healing energies to you.

Develop a relationship with the Sun, trust me! it’s a beautiful relationship to make best use of your time combined sunbathing with any other activity such as reading a book or listening to a lecture,
Don’t worry you won’t tan it’s only the healing effect of sun energy.

Should we use sunscreen during Sunbath?

Sun that pigments our skin sunbathing is for everyone not just for the sick children young old everybody can do it also never use sunscreen.

Sunscreen is one of the most toxic things you can apply on your body look at the label you literally baking all those chemicals into your skin pores which open up when exposed to heat from the Sun.

These chemicals could deep inside our skin tissues because of the external pressure of the Sun it’s never the Sun that gives us cancer (however untill harm rays of sun directly fall on our body) but the chemicals in the sunscreen that give us cancer.

To protect yourself from the strong afternoon sunlight use a hat or cover your head with a cloth use physical protection.

Rags and chemicals as a society we’ve started fearing the Sun but where did this fear comes from it’s the cosmetic and pharmaceutical companies that infused this fear in our society advertising campaigns aimed at selling supplements and sunscreens put this in us so that they can sell us a product.

Our ancestors did quite well without it along with sunbathing simply do more things in outdoors, instead of running in a stuffy gym on treadmills while you’re breathing the same dirty air expelled by other people exercise outdoors in the fresh open Sun do Surya Namaskar so you get two benefits at the same time of sunlight.

And exercise let daylight enter your house and your workplace open up your curtains open up your windows sunlight makes us feel happier you’ll be able to concentrate more on your studies and work the atmosphere in your home will instantly become more positive.

There’s a huge connection between sunlight and mental health in Scandinavian countries like Denmark weather, weather is extreme and the Sun sets at 3 in the afternoon many people get depressed even disabled and commit suicide,

Scientists call it seasonal affective disorder they discovered that as sunlight goes down sadness goes up,

some of the world’s richest nations are committing the highest rates of suicide in winter why because all the wealth can give us the happiness that sunlight can and it’s the same for us our anxieties our insecurities will automatically be reduced substantially by everyday following Best way to taking sunbath OK!

Moving on you might be eating the best most nutritious food but you still might be deficient in important nutrients such as calcium or iron because without sunlight your body simply cannot absorb nutrients like calcium phosphorus magnesium from your food.

When the body cannot absorb calcium your bones tend to become thinner and weaker and bone mass declines by every day,

By sunbathing, your bones regain their strength if you have knee pain expose your whole body including the knees to the Sun every day and your knee pain will go away,

If there are any parts of your body that have become degenerated or have become lifeless they are rejuvenated brought back to life if you have back pain expose your whole back every day to the Sun and your back pain will go away.

Sunlight delivers healing effects to all our joints. Forget those worthless vitamin B pills there no pill in the world that can artificially induce vitamin D in your body.

Sunlight is not something you can pack in a capsule and swallow you need the real deal, you need the real sunlight and all the inefficiencies will automatically go away no need for any supplements.

By sunbathing your digestive fire your jugni becomes stronger if you bear every day sunbathing with the correct sattvic food all the adjustable disorders be it in digestion as acidity, ulcers they’ll all go away,

If you have a cold or a cough or a sore throat sunbathe for even longer you can take it up to two to three hours don’t take medicine just to fasting enema went back and sunbathing and you will instantly see improvements because sunlight dissolves the mucus sitting in your Airways you might even sneeze a couple of times but regular sunbathing you can permanently get rid of asthma bronchitis chronic cough.

Sunlight also influences the secretion of insulin by your pancreas and plays an important role in reversing diabetes.

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What is SunGazing ?

Let’s move on to the second practice you must do to harness energy from the Sun it’s called Sun gazing.

Way to take sunbath
Sun Gazing is an ancient practice it’s not something new it basically means looking at the Sun for about 15 minutes every day when it is not bright at all in the early morning or the evening.

Mother nature’s greatest gift that we are enjoying on top of our body is our brain and we are hardly able to use say 2 or 3 percent of it.

Nature has gifted us with immense power but unfortunately our brain remains dormant because no sunlight is reaching it.

Sunlight is like the power supply the electricity for the plane, if the brain gets this power supply it can do wonders.

Sunlight can reach the brain fastest through your eyes, eyes are the extended part of our human brain they are like the windows of the brain our eyes are also a very delicate organ so while Sun gazing we also must be careful that no harm is caused to the eye.

How To Do Sungazing:

So how to Sun gaze simply look at the Sun with your naked eyes it’s very easy just look at the Sun like you would look at the TV it’s okay to blink your eyes in between.

When to do Sun gaze?

Only during the safe hours of the Sun during the first hour from sunrise or the last hour before sunset there is no ultraviolet rays at these times.

Do not Sun gaze during the afternoon Sun which is very strong it will only do harm.

For how long to do Sungazing?

Look at the Sun for about 15 minutes after few minutes you will see your thoughts disappearing and everything in the background will start to become blurry and black and then the only thing you will start to see is the Sun do it according to your convenience.

If some day you cannot do it in the morning do it in the evening, it’s okay to switch also no problem.

If you do both times that is also fine, someday it may be cloudy weather or your compulsion in life may prevent you from doing it forget about that day no harm restart when the Sun comes out but be consistent to see real results if possible.

While Sun gazing stand straight barefoot on the ground by doing so your earth in yourself years and years of sunlight is trapped into that ground which is transferred to your body through your feet do not wear any glasses or contact lenses while Sun gazing.

When you look at the Sun powerful photons of energy from the Sun are received by our eye then they go to the brain and from there to your entire body and health of the entire body is improved.

You will have a Sun charged body see sunlight’s energy if there is no sunlight nothing will grow on this earth.

It is sunlight that gives beauty and life to this world and even when a fraction of this energy hits the earth flowers blossom, fruits ripen and plants grow into trees and forests

Sunlight contains life-giving energy and the same life-giving energy is transferred to your body and is used to heal your tissues and yourselves when you receive it.

So by sungazing you’re getting the most primary source of energy sunlight is the most direct form of food, sunlight is food that does not need to be carried but its received from the cosmic sources.

When you continue sungazing for about three months everyday as you get more and more energy from the Sun your hunger levels will start disappearing proportionately instead of getting energy from traditional food you are slowly getting more and more energy from the Sun.

Your appetite will reduce, your hunger will be under your hands in your control the first benefit of sungazing will be on your eyes, eye health will improve you can get a tested a prescription will change and you will have to change your glasses.

Accordingly don’t continue with your old glasses data lacks nearsightedness farsightedness everything disappears so many books written by experts these days better eyesight without glasses reading without glasses thousands of people have gotten rid of spectacles by Sun gazing.

Then after about three months another wonder will take place your brain will start getting this energy and you will have a more balanced mind the wave ring turbulent mind will become more balanced you will become more positive in your thinking your fears will start to go away your willpower will increase IQ will increase brain cells will regenerate, insomnia will go away.

Sunlight will give you a higher more elevated consciousness and your spiritual seeking will increase by Sun gazing you provide energy your pineal gland better known as the third eye concentration will increase your intuition your gut feeling will increase and so will your ability to be able to perceive things on a non-physical level in due course your cravings will begin to disappear even addictions will go away whether it is addiction to cigarettes alcohol or even food cravings moment you fall in love with the Sun,

Everything will change I understand if you think that this is too simple to be true but let me tell you something the truth is always simple if something is not simple it’s not capable of being the truth you don’t need to go through the winding words of pharmacology bacteriology physiology to keep yourself healthy you need to do simple things consistently.

Sunlight is lifestyle medicine the reason you don’t hear about it on TV or newspapers is because nobody profits from lifestyle medicine other than you of course so it’s not made a part of medical training.


So guys it’s all about best way to take sunbath, it’s easy to follow at home everyone everyday must be follow to get a better results and it is a best natural way to take sunbath as natural treatment. So give comments and share if you liked it.

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